A Healthcare Education Leads to More Than Just a Job

After the doctor assesses and determines the diagnosis, a patient is left in care of a nurse. This healthcare worker is responsible for the continued and administered care to the patient, and his/or her life may depend on this very care. A healthcare worker is responsible for maintenance of life after treatment. Caring for those who cannot care for themselves is more than simple employment; it is a calling.

Actively participating in the well being of a patient allows a healthcare worker to thoroughly observe what it best for the person receiving treatment. It also familiarizes them with the particular individual needs of the patient (ex. allergies, intolerances, etc.). Paying close attention to individual needs is especially important when considering the amount of deaths per year that are attributed to medical error. According to the Institute of Medicine, over 50,000 people die every year while being hospitalized, due to medical error. When medical errors are caught before reaching fatal depths, it is usually due to the watchful eye of the administered healthcare worker.

Nursing and personal support are not the only careers available in healthcare. Those who are more office oriented can be trained as receptionists, or assistants. A variety of employment is available in the following fields:

- Dental Administrative Assistant

- Health unit Coordinator

- Medical Office Administration

- Medical Receptionist

- Personal Support Worker

- Pharmacy Technician

- Medical Information Assistant

- Medical Office Assistant

- Medical Secretary

Regardless of what area of concentration you choose, a healthcare diploma will teach students computer and office skills, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical process. It allows students to familiarize themselves with medical theory and practical, applicable knowledge. This healthcare training prepares students for life in the world of medicine.

Healthcare education also usually provides students with a stage, or internship. This hands-on training is essential for future healthcare workers. Working in a medical clinic provides workers with the experience needed to meet the demands of a medical career. These training sessions usually last for about a month, giving students a very realistic view of what kind of career awaits them. During these trial periods, students learn what is expected of them, and just how important reaching these medical expectations can be to the well-being of the patient.

Once individuals have undergone the proper training and completed their studies, they can look forward to a beneficial and financially stable career. The skills of healthcare workers are highly regarded, and not only due to the amount of knowledge and attention that is required of a healthcare professional. It is also due to the shortage of medical workers readily available to work in the country. Canada is in need of qualified individuals to fill these medical positions, and that is great news for new graduates.

In short, being a healthcare worker is a lot more than a job. It is a career that calls for familiarization. Healthcare training simply provides you with the tools needed to do something that is already natural to most healthcare workers. Medical training allows you to get paid for caring-something that should be commonplace among every single healthcare worker.

Visit the Academy of Learning for more information on earning a healthcare diploma.

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Offerings of a Medical Education Training Campus

A Medical Education Training Campus gives students the opportunity to support this country by being part of the world's most advanced military healthcare staff. The campus unites service men and women from different parts of the armed forces. This gives them the chance to receive the necessary military medical training to advance their careers.

At METC, students can pursue training in various medical fields. They can study nutrition and diet therapy or try for a degree related to dental services, nursing, diagnostic services, healthcare support, or any public health services. The credit that students earn at these places can be simply transferred to other learning institutions. Also, all of the degrees that are offered within this category will give students all that they need to obtain a civilian job in these fields. Since METC is geared at training members of the military, their training may be a bit different from the normal training that is given at conventional schools for healthcare.

For example, students will learn how to execute medical missions. This gives them the skills that are necessary to finish activities like giving immunizations, ordering medical supplies, and getting patients to safer areas. It is important to remember that those who provide military healthcare must treat patients in many different categories including civilians, service members, coalition partners, and enemies. All of these individuals must be treated equally. Every student is trained in the ways that they must respond in various scenarios. In the big picture, METC graduates provide medical care that is very similar to the care given by other healthcare providers. The only thing that is different is the settings that they work in. Therefore, students at the Medical Education Training Campus learns how to work specifically in hostile conditions they may occur during uncertain times.

Sometimes members of various parts of the military may need different skills. For example, an Army medic should know how to move patients on ships during times of evacuation. Navy Corpsmen should know how to load casualties onto a MEDEVAC. Throughout training at METC, students are taught basic evacuation steps that are not stressed at normal civilian medical schools.

Even though there are differences between civilian schools and METC institutions, military personnel receive top training. In many instances their training is even more intense than hose of other institutions. METC has pride that they pass down high standards that help them stay on the cutting edge of medical teaching. They are always dealing with changes in the field and predict changes before they occur.

To keep abreast of trends in medical technology, METC administrators partake in workshops and seminars with those in the top of the public medical health system. This lets METC improve the curriculum that they offer.

Students who enroll at the Medical Education Training Campus are guaranteed that they will get top education that uses state of the art technology. This school is well equipped with the newest tools in all of the areas it is involved with. For example, classrooms all have notebook computers, smart boards, and black boards to teach material clearly to all students. Individuals who are planning to partake in field training will have access to tough notebook computers that have been made exactly for this purpose. During study, these students know that their dorms are filled with CAC enabled computers. When they can not attend class, they can get training online. If questions arise, they have a live chat option to request help. Students can view podcasts of lectures as well.

Students at the Medical Education Training Campus will receive a degree in many different medical areas. This degree will give them the needed skills which will support the healthcare needs of those in the military. It also provides the necessary skills to pursue a career in the civilian world.

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Medical Education Vs Chiropractic Education

After working within the chiropractic field for a few years now, I occasionally come upon interested patients who question the number of years of training it requires to get a degree in chiropractic. A fair amount of these folks seem to have the idea that it's merely a two-year education. I'm not necessarily astonished at this kind of belief, nonetheless I do think this is a general indication of our society's view of chiropractic care. In fact some of my pals will occasionally jest about visiting a 'real doctor'.

Given the history between the medical industry and the chiropractic industry, this type of perspective of the general population should not be surprising. The American Medical Association (AMA) went to great effort to attempt to discredit chiropractic for quite a while, and it wasn't until the lawsuit Wilkes v. American Medical Association in 1983, which decided against the AMA, that it was revealed that their purpose had been to eliminate chiropractic as a discipline. Of course the AMA made an effort to appeal the verdict up to 1990. Ever since that point in time, attitudes between medical doctors and chiropractic professionals have begun to change, but remnants of that former feud still linger.

As a consequence of years of propaganda from the AMA seeking to depict chiropractors in a damaging light, it's unsurprising that the general public doesn't have a more favorable view of the profession. The primary distinction between chiropractic doctors and medical doctors boils down to their philosophy and approach to treatment. Normally, chiropractors start conservatively with their treatment plan, and only proceed to more intrusive procedures when there is no improvement with initial methods. DC's are generally focused on the nervous system, muscles, and joints within the body. Medical doctors put a greater emphasis on medications and the way those medications act in the human body, and they also deal considerably more with things like infections, and internal issue.

So just how do the educations of medical doctors and chiropractic doctors compare to each other? They are in reality pretty much equivalent. Each of them needs very similar undergrad education to be accepted to the school. A few colleges in both disciplines need a bachelor's degree, however others only require 3 years of undergraduate instruction to be accepted into the doctoral program. On the whole a chiropractor gets to spend roughly 4485 hours in class and clinic time, whereas a medical practitioner spends 4248 hours in order to acquire their diploma. Although the majority of the schooling is similar, a couple of differences consist of chiropractors have more class hours on neurology and fewer on such things as gynecology, and psychiatry. Doctors of chiropractic also have more class time focused on manipulation, and allopathic doctors have more class time focused on pharmacology. Needless to say this makes sense once you understand the sort of treatment options each one utilizes.

As you have seen, the education involving the two occupations is just the same. I would like to mention that medical professionals are required to do a minimum of a 3-year post degree residency after med school. If you ask me, this is just smart due to the degree of associated risk included in the form of treatments they use. The risk of chiropractic treatments are comparatively low, particularly when compared to risks of some medications. Medical doctors must be familiar with a great variety of prescription drugs, and not merely the side-effects of those medications, but any plausible interactions they can have with other drugs. Spending time in residency where they're supervised by more knowledgeable MD's is just a good idea.

In ending, I think that you do not have to make a choice between a medical doctor or a chiropractic doctor. Both strategies have their merits, and the one that is the most suitable depends upon your personal beliefs, and the problems you are suffering from. If you're managing a problem with the muscles, nervous system, or the bodies articulations, and you also have faith in conservative health care, go visit a chiropractor. If you don't improve while under their care, they should recommend you to somebody else. However, if you're managing some other sort of illness, or you only desire to receive some drugs to help you feel better, you may want to visit an allopathic doctor.

3 Ways Oral Sedation Eliminates Dental Anxiety

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The miracle that is sedation dentistry emerged upon the scene in the 1960s, with the first known drug to be used in the process being valium. The reason for using valium, of course, is the amnesic properties it is commonly known to have. The ability to forget your time in the dental chair is one that is looked upon with much hope, but at the same time, much skepticism. While the need for a way to qualm the fears millions of dental patients have of going under the dental drill, there was also a need to know that their dentist was trained in the art of oral sedation.

  1. The Rigorous Training of Dentists - Not only does a dentist need to attend a rigorous, multi-day seminar to become a DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation) certified dentist, but every time they come in contact with a client who could benefit from oral sedation dentistry they are required to follow rigid guidelines for the use of dental sedation. These training and guidelines assure dentist follow strict protocols, much like anesthesiologists follow in hospitals.
    Dentists are required to:
    • Learn how to properly asses patients upon request of dental sedation
    • Understand basic pharmacology (how to use and determine the effects of drugs)
    • Fully understand the tenets of airway management
    • Be prepared in any emergency situation

    This training and the guidelines associated are very strict, but your preferred dentist is always concerned about the well being of their patients, and are dedicated in making each visit as comfortable as possible.

  • The Thorough Screening Process - As stated previously, dentists are required to asses patients upon request of oral sedation dentistry. With over 10 million Americans avoiding dental visits due to anxiety, here are some ways dentists assess oral sedation candidates:
    • Evaluating the full medical history of a candidate
    • Determine the pain threshold of a patient (lower pain threshold clients are more likely to qualify)
    • Ability to sit still in a dentist's chair
    • The amount of dental work that needs to be done
    • Gag reflex and sensitivity of teeth

  • The Different Levels of Sedation - The good news is that there are different levels of sedation for individuals who don't always like going completely under. These levels of sedation are:
    • Minimal - awake, but completely relaxed.
    • Moderate - most of the procedure will be a blur and some words may be slurred when speaking.
    • Deep sedation - on the edge of consciousness, but still can be brought back to awake easily.
    • General anesthesia - unconscious.

  • With a well qualified sedation dentist, and so many different types of sedation to choose from, those who previously suffered dental anxiety have very little to fear from hereon out.
    Photo credited to: WorldDental.org

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